• Portrait. Black and white photography.

    Portrait. Black and white photography.

    Portrait photography. Shooting in studio and post production.

  • Promotional Photo with Model

    Promotional Photo with Model

    Studio Photo Session for Online Store. Facebook and Instagram ads.

  • Product photography of watches

    Product photography of watches

    Shooting and retouching watch Internet sites and stores.

  • Fashion photography. Promotional photo.

    Fashion photography. Promotional photo.

    Advertising black and white photo for online store. Studio photography.

  • Advertising photography of jewelry

    Advertising photography of jewelry

    We have a photo studio for shooting jewelry. We provide photo models.

  • Portrait. Portrait photography.

    Portrait. Portrait photography.

    Studio for portraits of people. Shooting and retouching portraits of women. Printing photo…

  • Fashion photo session with models

    Fashion photo session with models

    Professional fashion photography. Photo studio in Plovdiv. Casting for photo models.

  • Advertising photography of handbags

    Advertising photography of handbags

    Product photo session of branded bags. Photos for online stores and social networks.

  • Fashion photography of clothing

    Fashion photography of clothing

    Photo session for an online store. Facebook and Instagram advertising photos.

  • Photo on bicycles

    Photo on bicycles

    Photo session and post production of bicycles for online stores. Photos on a…

  • Fashion photography and photo editing

    Fashion photography and photo editing

    Fashion Session Photo Collection - Venetta Fashion House. Processing and editing of advertising…

  • Fashion product photography

    Fashion product photography

    Shooting fashion collections for online stores and catalogs. Photo processing.