• Advertising photography of manufactured goods

    Advertising photography of manufactured

    Product photography of EXO detergent. The photo was taken in a photo studio.

  • Business calendar with clock

    Business calendar with clock

    Non-standard design for corporate multi-page calendar. The product is circular in shape and…

  • Production of advertising mugs

    Production of advertising mugs

    Printing of company mugs. Tea and coffee mugs branded with your brand. We…

  • Photography jewelry for online store

    Photography jewelry for online store

    Product photography for online stores and social networks. Construction concept and decor for…

  • Advertising photography of groceries

    Advertising photography of groceries

    Advertising concept for Je T'aime chocolate candy banner of Company Svetlina

  • Image product photography

    Image product photography

    Conceptual photo of Ferrero Rocher candy. Banner advertising.

  • Design and printing of photo books

    Design and printing of photo books

    Printing and production of wedding and personal photo books. Premium photo paper printing.…

  • Restaurant menu photos

    Restaurant menu photos

    Advertising photography. Photo food session. Creating menus for restaurants.

  • Photography and graphic design

    Photography and graphic design

    Advertising calendar for the work calendar of the company Svetlina. Studio photography, graphic…

  • Table Water Party Iceberg

    Table Water Party Iceberg

    Designing a logo. Label graphic design. 3D modeling of bottles.

  • Labels yogurt Mihalkovo

    Labels yogurt Mihalkovo

    Graphic design, prepress and labeling for industrial goods. Label printing small series.

  • Nice Coffee Advertising banner

    Nice Coffee Advertising banner

    Developer logo sign. Graphic design of advertising banner for print and Internet advertising.